A Rainy Day in Port Douglas

raining port douglas

As we know it rains in paradise – sometimes. We’ve had a few questions over the last month about what to do and here is a current list of favorite activities.

Mud Park:

Fun in the mud! The perfect activity in bad weather. Get down and dirty in 6 wheeled army ducks, jump into the log obstacle course, have a tug-O-war with friends or just relish the chance to roll around like a happy Sus Domesticus (that’s fancy for pig).

ATV & Horse Riding:

Saddle up! Take a trek on horseback or climb aboard an adrenalin pumping quad bike. Go roaring (or trotting) through creeks and streams or take it slow to enjoy the slightly damp scenery.


When it’s wet and rainy the rivers flow! Why not go white water rafting and make the most of it. .


Snorkeling and diving on the reef is loads of fun whether it’s rainy or sunny. A lot of the time if it’s rainy in port it’s actually fine out on the reef. Some providers like Quicksilver and Silver Sonic have sheltered moorings/pontoons in places that remain reasonably calm in normally choppy conditions. The fish still come out in the rain!

Crocodile Farm:

The croc farm is a great place to head when the weather is a bit ordinary. Take a boat cruise on the lake and enjoy the breath taking crocodile feeding – nothing quite like watching a 1000kg animal leap out of the water!

Don’t let mother nature rain on your parade! There is still plenty to do out there!!

by Port Douglas Tourist Information Centre

The Port Douglas Tourist Information Centre has been operating since 1987. We are locals and are passionate about our wonderful World Heritage listed region and tropical lifestyle.