Great Barrier Reef and Marine Stingers

great barrier reef jellyfish

Here at the Information Centre we get a lot of questions about Marine Stingers, so this week we thought we’d take a moment to cover one of the most important safety topics for anyone going near the water.

The beaches and oceans of Tropical north Queensland are an important part of the natural attractions of the region and are very safe to enjoy. Stingers/Jellyfish and humans have been sharing the ocean for a long time. Millions of people visit the beaches and the oceans of the Great Barrier Reef every single year and the vast majority don’t have any problems. Dive/tour operators and local authorities have well established guidelines and systems to make sure you stay safe.

Note: That while marine stringers may be present in the waters mostly during the warmer months never assume they are not there.

Tips for Jellyfish safe Swimming in Tropical North Queensland.
  • Lifeguards patrol the beaches for your safety & enjoyment; help yourself & them out by swimming between the red & yellow flags. If you have any questions never hesitate to ask a Lifeguard – they are there to help.
  • Where provided- swim in stinger resistant enclosures, closest enclosure to Port Douglas  is located on Four Mile beach.

NOTE: Stinger resistant enclosures enable a high degree of protection, however they are “stinger Resistant” not “stinger proof”.

  • Wear protective clothing such as a stinger suit, which are available for hire on all of the Reef tour company’s vessels.
  • All beaches are fitted with a vinegar stand, if stung pour vinegar onto the sting to help neutralise & decrease pain. Seek medical attention immediately, even if you think the sting is minor.
  • Most importantly do not swim when beaches are closed as they are closed to ensure your safety.

By following these few tips it will help ensure a holiday you will never forget for all the good reasons.
Always remember; it is more dangerous driving in your car than it is to swim in the ocean.

See you in the water soon!

Cheers Angel

by Port Douglas Tourist Information Centre

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