Best Adventurous Activities on Land and Air

jungle surfing

Everyone loves a little bit of adventure! Whether you feel like being Tarzan for the day or want to hang out in the sky with the birds – you’ll find something to do in Port Douglas

  • JUNGLE SURFING – This is a unique way to discover the World Heritage Daintree rainforest. Flying through the jungle harnessed to a zip line, you’ll stop at 5 platforms nestled in the tree tops, giving you a bird’s eye view over the tree tops.  It’s an award-winning set up and you’ll see why when you’re swinging through the rainforest like Tarzan (well, Tarzan with a safety net!).
  • TANDEM HANG GLIDING & MICRO-LIGHTS (UPDRAUGHT) – These are two different but both amazing things to do.  With a micro light you feel the thrill of an open cockpit aviation and the pure sensation of freedom in far north Queensland.  Tandem hang gliding is done from the Rex range which runs between Port Douglas and Cairns.   Fear and apprehension give way to the excitement of adventure as you fly off on whims of the wind. At that moment fantasy becomes reality at the height of personal achievement.
  • MINJIN SWING & BUNGY JUMPING – You can do both of these at AJ Hackett, which is just 15 minutes north of Cairns. The Minjin swing is a multi-person swing that allows you to fall from a 45-metre height down to 1 metre in 3.5 seconds, reaching speeds up to 120km/h. The bungy tower is Australia’s one and only and stands 50 metres tall (164ft). You can do this solo or tandem. It is definitely an adrenalin activity and will make your heart skip a beat.
  • GRUBS TRIKE BIKE TOURS – Jump into the seat of one of Grubs personalised trikes for a tour that you will never forget. From tours to Cape Tribulation to a transfer to the airport, Grubs Trike Bike Tours are sure to be exhilarating & will get the wind through your hair.
  • BIKE RIDING – Take a night mountain bike tour on the famous bump track.  Leaving from Black Mountain Road you travel [ down the bump track ], which concludes in the Mowbray Valley where you will truly appreciate the tranquillity of the famous Bump track.  It is a great way to spot some of our local nocturnal creatures, such as tree kangaroos, bilbies and possums (or whatever).  We have maps of the track for sale and we can help with any specific Bump Track-related questions.


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by Port Douglas Tourist Information Centre

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